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Virtual Oscars

Posted by SIM on May 20, 2007

Virtual worlds to get Oscar-like awards
May 18, 2007

NEW YORK (AP) — Two of the best-known entrepreneurs in game-like online spaces known as “virtual worlds” plan to give out awards for the burgeoning industry.

Ailin Graef, a Chinese-born real-estate mogul in the “Second Life” world, and Miami-based Jon Jacobs, who owns an asteroid in “Entropia Universe,” announced this week that they’ve created a Virtual Worlds Academy.

The academy will accept nominations on its Web site for categories like “Best Virtual World,” “Best Virtual Fashion Designer” and “Most Dynamic Virtual Economy.”

The winners will be announced in February and will receive virtual statues at “live” ceremonies in “Second Life” and “Entropia Universe.”

The goal is to “recognize achievements in all areas of virtual artistry, technology, commerce and culture,” said the founders, who are better known under their online names: Graef is “Anshe Chung” and Jacobs is “Neverdie.”

“I guess all industries get to the point of having awards and I see no reason why the virtual worlds one should be any different,” said Ren Reynolds, a British consultant who follows the industry.

“It looks like a good move for Anshe as she is building a brand around a service organization that spans virtual worlds,” Reynolds added.

Beyond “Second Life,” Graef has business interests in “Entropia Universe,” “There” and “IMVU.” She has 60 full-time employees.

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Posted by SIM on May 8, 2007


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Sun Unveils Corporate ‘Second Life’

Posted by SIM on May 1, 2007

3D tool aims to improve enterprise collaboration
Tom Sanders
30 Apr 2007

Sun Microsystems has developed a prototype 3D environment that essentially mimics Second Life, but turns it into an enterprise collaboration tool.

Sun’s MPK20 virtual world allows for collaboration between employees in different locations.

Each employee is represented by an avatar that walks around in a virtual environment, communicating using internet telephony.

Plans for future updates include the ability to share applications in the virtual environment, and to link whiteboards in physical meeting rooms with the virtual space to show up in both online and offline worlds.

The application at first glance has some similarities to Second Life. But Nicole Yankelovich, a principal investigator with Sun Labs, argued that it only overlaps in the social element. “This brings the social element of Second Life into the workplace,” she said.

Current collaboration tools do not enable this degree of informal interaction, Yankelovich argued, thereby preventing remote workers from building relationships with their colleagues.

Users of MPK20 can walk up to each other and start a conversation, just like they can before a meeting in the real world. They can also walk up to two conversing avatars and join the conversation or just listen.

The name MPK20 identifies the virtual world as the 20th building at Sun’s corporate campus in Menlo Park, California. The campus has 19 physical buildings.

Sun demonstrated a first version of the virtual world last Thursday at an open day at its Sun Labs research arm.

MPK20 uses Sun’s Project Darkstar, a marketing initiative that bundles servers and software to allow companies to build a scalable infrastructure for 3D environments.

The project also uses Sun’s Project Wonderland, which provides developer tools for building 3D worlds.

MPK20 has some similarities with Project Looking Glass, an open source initiative which aims to develop a 3D desktop for computers.

Sun suggested that future 3D environments could function as the actual desktop, where users launch applications by walking their avatar to a special room or area.


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