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Virtual Obama To Be Simulcast In SecondLife

Posted by SIM on March 30, 2007

Obama Event To Be Simulcast in SL
by Redaktisto Noble
March 24, 2007

The theme of the event is “Hope. Action. Change.”

SoHo – The official campaign of U.S. Senator Barack Obama has authorized a simulcast of a nationwide event in Second Life next week. Forefront Media, a “virtual event and promotions” company which operates in SL, will host the event next Saturday, March 31 at 1:00 PM on their island SoHo.

In the real world, presidential candidate Obama will interact with a small group in an Iowa living room. The event will be webcast for “community gatherings” of Obama supporters around the country. The SL version of the event will not feature a video feed. Instead, the environment will simulate the living room in which Obama will speak, and an authorized Obama avatar will follow the movements of the real-world Obama as an audio stream is piped into the sim.

Of course, Sen. Obama himself will not be controlling the avatar, and will not be available to answer questions from the SL audience.

Surprisingly, the inworld group of Obama supporters is not involved in planning the event. One of Forefront Media’s employees had real-world contacts with the Obama campaign and the company approached the campaign with the idea.

Forefront owner MB Darrow says he hopes the event will demonstrate the potential of Second Life as a campaign medium and spur other campaigns to get invovled.


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