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For Sale In Second Life: Amsterdam

Posted by SIM on March 22, 2007

By Mitch Wagner,
March 22, 2007

Amsterdam is for sale on eBay.. It’s one of the most popular areas in Second Life. More than that: It is, to Second Life, what Times Square is to New York, or Fisherman’s Wharf is to San Francisco. It’s one of the first places where newbies go, to look around and check out the scene.

I’ve visited a couple of times myself, in my first couple of weeks in Second Life, but not since. I know only a couple of things about it: It’s really lovely, with lots of attention to detail. It looks a lot like the real Amsterdam (which, alas, I’ve only seen on TV travel shows). Check out the slide show on the auction page, above.

And it’s supposed to be one of the most prominent locations for the sex business in Second Life.

Bidding starts at US$20,000, or you can buy it outright for $50,000.

The owner and developer, who goes by the Second Life name “Stroker Serpentine,” says he’s selling because it’s time to move on.

Tateru Nino wrote a brief, six-paragraph profile of Amsterdam, with photos:

One of the first things that really stands out about Amsterdam is the attention-to-detail. It feels very much like a real place, with signage, advertising, imperfections and litter.

Benja Soon said it made him miss the real Amsterdam, and lauded the accuracy of the design, “If the map went two more blocks to my right, I could visit my old apartment.”



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