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Posted by SIM on March 6, 2007

Internet Gaming Site ‘Second Life’ Has Become Opportunity for Litigators, According to Lawyers USA;
Lawyers USA Launches New Feature by Examining the Intersection of Real and Virtual Worlds
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March 6, 2007 Tuesday 10:10 AM GMT

Lawyers USA recently launched its new “Internet Lawyer ” feature by exploring how the wildly popular Second Life website has become a land of opportunity for litigators – both real and virtual. The article may be found at

“Our goal with the ‘Internet Lawyer’ feature is to keep our audience informed of the most recent developments in this increasingly complex subject area, and to examine some innovative new ways in which lawyers are not only practicing law, but also how the next generation of attorneys will ultimately be promoting themselves,” explains Associate Publisher/Editor Susan Bocamazo.

For the uninitiated, “Second Life” is a vast and constantly expanding virtual 3D world that is attracting a huge and growing number of participants. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people sit before their computers and enter Second Life in the form of “avatars,” or virtual beings, whom they create when they join.

Using keyboard and screen commands, Second Lifers navigate their avatars through an amazingly lifelike world. Avatars can walk and run, but they also possess the superhuman abilities to fly and instantly teleport to any spot in the enormous Second Life world. They also interact with other avatars, engaging in conversations that are typed by the real people sitting at their computers who form relationships, build actual communities of like-minded souls, and now conduct business transactions – all of which have created a perfect niche for legal counsel.

Lawyers USA staff writer, Dick Dahl, traveled to Second Life to “meet” with several virtual attorneys and plans to continue to report from cyberspace while Lawyers USA establishes the first legal news publication on Second Life.

The “Internet Lawyer” is published once a month in the print edition of Lawyers USA. Upcoming features include:

— Online mock juries
— Audio discovery
— Virtual law firms (NOTE: These are with real people – not avatar-based in Second Life)
— MySpace litigation
— Open Source and Web 2.0 software
— New products from the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show

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