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Second Life Kaffeeklatsch Series Gets Off To A Brisk Start

Posted by SIM on February 20, 2007

By Mitch Wagner
February 20, 2007

This morning’s kickoff kaffeeklatsch in Second Life was a success, with a small but high-quality group gathered to discuss doing business in-world, and drink virtual coffee (as well as a bit of absinthe). Join us Friday morning at 7 am Pacific time when the suggested topic will be managing growth. People are signing up by the thousands — can Second Life keep up?

We’ll hold the discussion for one hour instead of the two hours we had today, just because two hours, twice a week is a lot of kaffeeklatsching. So come on down to Notre Dame de Caffeine or my colleague, John Jainschigg of Dr. Dobb’s Journal, who’s known as John Zhaoying in SL.

And to keep up with what InformationWeek is doing in Second Life, join our SL group. Second Lifers can find it by using the in-world search.


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